Tree of Life "Family Tree" Plaques

Tree of Life Donor Wall Plaques

Tree of Life Boards are an excellent way to recognize donors or to memoralize loved ones. The Tree of Life boards can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your donor wall needs. They are available in a variety of finishes with a variety of options for the leaves.

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Acrylic Tree of Life Wall that can grow to 500 leaves with additional wings

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Side view of Acrylic Donor Tree.  Tree available with gold, silver, bronze, red, blue, green, brown and white leaves.  Variety of header plates available with the trees.

 Donor Tree AC105-202-302 gold leaves

Three center groups of leaves give you 105 leaves.  Add 2 panels left and right to give you 202 leaves.  Add 3 top panels to get to 302 leaves.  Trees are customizeable.

Acrylic Tree of Life plaque with 100- 200 - 300 leaves with wood carved trunk

Center four groups of leaves make the AC-100.  Add 2 groups of leaves from the left and right to get to 200 leaves (AC-200 Tree).  Add top three groups to get to 300 leaves.

Acrylic Tree of Life plaque with 213 leaves

This Tree of Life Plaque expandable to 493 leaves and comes in 3 trunk finishes and a wide variety of leaf colors.  Plume in 59" x 34"  Trunk is 33" long.

Custom Donor Tree 42 leaves Cabernet Oak Finish Gold Leaves

This is a  custom Donor Recognition Tree with 42 leaves.  Room to add leaves .  Board measures 30" x 20"  and has a Cabernet Oak finish.  Available in any size.

Tree of Life plaque 40 leaves with rosewood finish and gold leaves

Tree of Life Donor Plaque with 40 leaves, Rosewood Finish 30" x 20"

Gold (or standard bronze) trunk, 1 or 2 header plates

Leaves come in a variety of finishes 

Donor Tree with 45 leaves with oak finish and gold engraveable leaves

Custom Donor Tree Plaque with 45 leaves 32" x 24"


Tree of Life Plaque 60 leaf Cherry finish

Tree of Life Plaque 60 leaves (Cherry) 32" x 24" 

Donor Tree Close Up of Trunk and Leaves01

Tree Headers Wood Castings 01

Stand Alone Headers to put above your wooden Tree of Life plaques.  Square shape designed for rectangle plaques and arched header for the shaped plaques, but they can be used for either version.  There are 4 different castings inlayed into the matching wood finish:  "IN MEMORY", "TREE OF LIFE", "IN RECOGNITION", and "DONORS".  Cost of $250 for either header.

Donor Tree with Cast Header Plate, 50 leaves

Tree of Life board with inlayed casting at the top of the board.  50 leaves, walnut finish, 32" x 28".  The Donor Trees come in 8 finishes, 3 sizes: 50, 100, and 150 leaves, and has the option of 4 headers. 

Donor Tree Board with inlaid casting of In Memory of

Donor Tree Board 100 leaves with arched header.  Board is Rosewood Finish 41" x 37"

Donor Tree 50 leaf Walnut Finish

Tree of Life Plaque 50 leaves (Walnut)  32" x 24"


RTD100 tree of life plaque with arched top and cherry finish

Standard size of Arched Donor Tree is 40" x 32."  Custom sizes available. 2nd header plate is also available on lower right side.

Tree of Life Plaque 30 leaves with gold and silver leaves, cherry finish

RT30 leaf Tree of Life Plaque with 30 leaves-Cherry finish 24" x 18"


Tree of Life Plaque 70 leaves

Donor Recognition Tree with 70 gold leaves, 8" x 4" Header Plate

Overall size of 36" x 24"

Tree of Life Plaque 100 leaves Walnut

Tree of Life Donor Plaque 100 Leaves Walnut Finish

Overall size of 42" x 37"

Shaped Donor Tree of Life 200 leaves (Mahogany 2 Finish) 56" x 47"

Donor Recognition Tree with apples

Custom Tree of Life Plaque 50 Leaf Base with Apples (Mahogany 2) 28" x 25"

Tree of Life Plaque 200 Leaves Green Finish

Donor Tree Plaque 200 leaf Green Finish 54" x 47"

Donor Tree 100 leaf expandable wings

Donor Tree 100 leaf expandable with 100 leaf wings (dark mahogany)  Base is 33" x 46" tall.  Wings add 29" on each side for total of 100.  ( 200 leaf wings add 100 leaves to each side and 33" to each side, not shown)

Donor Tree Expandable 222 leaf with 400 leaf wings

Donor Tree 222 leaf expandable with 400 leaf wings(300 also available)     Base is 45" x 62".  Wings add 35" and 200 leaves to each side. (300 wing set, not shown has 150 leaves each side and adds 34" to each side)

Tree of Life Board 100 leaves with rocks

Custom Tree of Life 100 Leaves with Pathway and Rocks (Mahogany 2)

Tree of Life Plaque 150 leaves with Rocks and Cross

Custom Tree 150 Leaves, Pathway, Rocks and Header Cross

Tree of Life Plaque Custom 100 leaves

Tree of Life Plaque 100 leaves - Carved Trunk- Mahogany Finish

Tree of Life Plaque Rosewood with 200 leaves 


Donor Tree plaque comes with 1 or 2 headers and can be customized.

Tree of Life 200 leaves with Corporate Logo

                 Tree of Life with Corporate Inlayed Logo 200 Leaves (Rosewood)                       Gold - Silver -Bronze levels broken up by area.  



Acrylic Donor Tree of Life 100 leaves with rocks, bricks, stones, acorns, and mini-tree

(TreeAcrylic-C-100)  Donor Tree of Life Plaque Gold Leaves with acorns, rocksstones, bricks, and mini-tree.  Wood carved trunk, bronze walnut finish.  Tree can be expandedto 400 leaves.  Comes with or without extension branches as seen in picture above.

Acrylic Tree of Life plaque with bronze leaves and carved trunk.

Acrylic tree of life plaque available in different trunk finishes and leaf finishes

Donor Tree Acrylic with 250 leaves and Bronze Trunk

            TreeAcrylicFW250:  Custom Donor Tree with 250 leaves and bronze trunk.                             63" wide by 60" tall. 

Bronze Acrylic Tree of Life 300 leaves

100 - 200 - 300 Leaf Growing Tree Acrilyic with Bronze Trunk

Bronze Acrylic Tree 300 to 750 leaves

Giving Tree of Life 300 to 750 leaves

Bronze Tree of Life Acrylic 200 to 1000 leaves

Bronze Tree of Life 200 to 1000 leaves

Bronze Tree of Love Wall

Tree of Love Custom Design:  200+ leaves.  This is a custom design built around a cross that you supply.

Donor Tree Acrylic 130 leaves

Tree Of Life Plaque (D-A100)

Tree of Life Acrylic 200 leaves

Tree of Life Plaque (D-A200)

Tree of Life Plaque 300 leaves

Tree of Life Plaque (D-A300)

Tree of Life Plaque 500 leaves

Tree of Life Plaque (D-A500)

Donor Tree of Life Plaque with 150 leaves

Tree of Life Plaque with United Methodist Church cross inlayed,

150 custom leaves on 4' x 8' dimension with Picture Framed Donor Tree in Red Oak finish

Tree of Life Framed Oak 50 leaves

Donor Recognition Tree:   Framed 50 leaves Oak (D-FR50) 34" x 29"

Donor Tree Framed 75 leaves Walnut

Donor Recognition Tree:   Framed 75 leaves Walnut (D-FR75) 37" x 32"

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