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Heartland Awards is proud to offer an unique line of Donor Recognition Walls, Modular Donor Walls, Plaques, Tree of Life Donor Walls, Custom Designed Plaque Awards, Picture Frames, Sports Picture Frames, and Lasered Picture Frames. Our strength is doing custom unique Donor Recognition Walls for donor recognition and capital campaigns. Our modular donor walls allow you to add to your donor wall as your need arises. When you start a new capital campaign, you do not have to redesign your whole donor wall. You can just add more boards to your donor wall. We have recently added new options to the Tree of Life Boards to our Donor Walls. The Tree of Life boards can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your donor wall needs.

       Donor Tree of life plaque with 60 leaves           describe the image

               Tree of Life Donor Plaques                              Acrylic Tree of Life Donor Plaque

      describe the image           describe the image

           Modular Donor Walls Grow as Needed              Custom Modular Donor Recognition Walls

describe the image                describe the image

                Custom Donor Walls                                School Oriented Custom Plaques

Patriotic Donor Wall Flag 257 plates Rosewood Finish            Flag Donor Wall Close UP

US Flag in Rosewood and Bleached Walnut Finishs Shown Above
256 Plates (Header Area of the Board can be customized)

If you don’t see it here, we can customize almost anything for your specific needs. We will give your donor plaques and picture frames a classy, elegant look and feel by using recessed plate boards. No more ugly screws and rosettes for your plaques. No more alignment problems for your perpetual plaques nameplates. Plus if your perpetual plaque has empty plate holders, it will still have a nice clean look to it. Or we can let your plates stand out with our raised plate option.


Tree of Life Donor Wall

Variety of Sizes for Tree of Life Boards

When quality, durability, and unique designs count...
see the Heartland Awards' difference!

Modular Donor Walls (Add a Board as You Need)

Modular Donor Wall Plaques Diamond Shaped

Diamond Deluxe Jr. in Oak Finish



5 piece step donor wall

5 Piece Step Donor Wall Honey Maple Finish

Each Donor Wall Board can be Customized for Plates

Donor Recognition Plaques

    Black Finish                Rosewood Finish            Dark Maple Finish

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